Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finally...a blog entry. Lol.

I left my journal at home and I have the itch to write. And then it hit me...I haven't blogged in a while. Not a total loss after all. Lol.

Let's see...hmmm I guess I have some updates.

The past week has been nothing but June birthdays...all consecutive days! From the 25th to the 30th. Lol. Good thing I have a birthday tracker app on the iPhone. Hahaha.

Today is one of my besties birthday.

Happy Birthday Ra!!

Yesterday we got to hang out for a bit and catch up. It was fun and much needed.

What else...oh the boyfriend and I are doing swell. He is an amazing person. I am sad though...tomorrow is July 1st which means only 22 days left with him and he is off to sea for 7-9 months. I won't see him until next year! It will be a long distance relationship. My aunt said it'll be a test to our relationship. I trust him. And I am a faithful person. Absence makes the heart grow fonder =]

Work is work. And I am off from school for a week. Thank goodness my senior paper is done and over with. Turned it in on Monday. Once I clicked 'Send' I felt gooooood. Hahaha. Only six more classes to gooooo! I cannot wait to graduate.

What else?? Oooh parental unit has been gone two weeks now. And it is nice to have the house for a month. Yay for being an adult. LOL.

I think I an done.

Til next time!!

<3 Jesse