Saturday, August 21, 2010


As you know...I crashed my Altimina exactly four weeks ago. And today I have replaced my Altimina [may she be happy in junkyard heaven] with a brand new 2010 Toyota Venza.

I cannot believe how long it takes to purchase a vehicle. I think I aged like five years in the course of four hours. Insane.

Despite the exhausting hours of waiting and signing away my soul to the dealership devil...when the salesperson handed me my key and shook my head...I felt HAHAHA! It was a nice and scary feeling indeed.

At first I was a little hesitant to sign. I was actually thinking about backing out. But my Mother made an excellent point. The only reason why I felt so nervous and scared was because I would be purchasing a car on my own. And if I didn't do it now, when? So I manned up and went for it. And I must say...after my last signature the butterflies fluttered away.

I absolutely adore my new ride. It feels so awesome driving it. Like it was meant for me. Weird huh?

I need to name my Venza. Hmmm...think, think, thiiinnnnk.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Movie date [08.13.2010] and randomness with my love.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Sailor <3


[EN2 Miller]

Photo Courtesy of the U.S. Navy

Pitter Patter.

Yay for the week being half way over...surprisingly the days have been going by pretty fast. Well, for once work is going smoothly with no high priority projects or back log. Just regular work...wahoo! Haha.

I received an email last night from my sailor. He always makes my day even brighter. I really miss him. Even though we have been together officially two months this Saturday...time does not matter. I love him with all my heart. I may sound like a total cheeseball but I truly do love him. I love him more and more each day. I can't wait until he comes back to me.

Okay I'm done gushing. Hahahaha.

<3 Jesse

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

[08.10.10] Things To Do :

-CJA 229 Week 2 Assignments/Discussion
-CJA 229 Online lecture & chat @ 5:30 PST
-Review for CJA 229 midterm!! Ahhhh!!
-Video/Photo Project
-Spruce up blog layout
-Workout [non-impact]
-Email my Sailor
-Check out classes at Grossmont
-Apply at other hospitals for volunteering

<3 Jesse

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, Monday!

Today was a very slow day at work, it lagged major!

After work I had my weekly weigh-in/blood pressure check at my doctors office. Good news…I did not gain much weight. I did gain three pounds…but only due to my swollen legs. Also my blood pressure is waaaaay NORMAL! Thank goodness! Finally I have normal bp. No more hypertension. Hollah!

Anyways…while at work I did my research for applying to USD for the Nurse Practitioner program. I already have taken four out of the nine prereqs for the program.

Intro Psych
English Comp
Speech/Public Speaking

Human Anatomy
Human Physiology
Cultural Anthropology

HELLO COMMUNITY COLLEGE!! I think I am still enrolled at Grossmont [I need to check on that].

I am going to take the required courses in the Spring. I’ll be done with my BA this December…and if I recall, Spring semester starts in January.

I am really, really hoping for USD.

And there is Law School…but that is still up in the air. Hahaha.

I am also going to start volunteering. I already filled out an application for Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women. I hope I get into the program. It would be totally rad!

Also…gotta start studying for GRE’s!! Aaaahhhh! I suck at tests. Seriously I do not do well. I need to get on it pronto. LOL.

Hmmm…what else…oh I am currently working on a video/photo montage as a surprise for my Sailor. I hope to get it done by this Friday. Well if he reads my blog it isn’t a surprise anymore. HAHAHA! Oh well. It is going to be awesome. I just started it today. So far…so good. YAY!

I have more to blog but I will save for future posts. I need to lay down. My legs are killing me! Running yesterday was a big NO NO. I have not fully recovered from my car accident. I just feel so BLAH and I miss working out. So I decided to run yesterday and now my legs are swollen. =[

'til next time!

<3 Jesse