Friday, July 24, 2009


Yes I am a Gleek and garsh darn proud of it. LOL.

I have been invited along with a guest to sit in the audience during a Glee production taping for a musical number. I am so excited. I asked my buddy Ra to be my guest. And he accepted. Going to make a fun trip out of it. Glee and then Sprinkles! Heeeccck yaaah!

I am super duper stoked! Wooooooooo! (its the Woo girl in me) LOL!

I need to get some sleep. 9am class tomorrow. Yay me. Bleh. Then hitting up the Coronado public library to get some research done for my paper that is due on Wednesday. Yes I am a procrastinator. But I get my work done so its all good in the neighborhood. Its only a 5 to 7 page paper. I must say I am pretty good at BS'ing. All I need is the research and I am good to go yo. Hahaha.

Next week is going to be stressful week with my paper due, presentations and then FINAL! Ahhhhh!

But Glee is going to make me feel better. Yessss!

Til next time.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Goodbye weekend.

This weekend was a fun one and a sad one.

Saturday - Broski and I spent the afternoon with Tita Alps and cousin Lew. Tita Alps needed to run errands and we tagged along. We stopped by the North County Fair mall (which was my first time ever) and it was pretty nice. I bought a new pair of Vans and a necklace. Then after hanging out I dropped off Broski to his buds house so he can watch UFC. The rest my Saturday I worked on my paper for psych class.

Sunday - Ray LaMontagne at the Hollywood Bowl. I went with my good friends (aka My Boys) Ryan, Spencer and Drew. We met up at Ryan's apartment a little after 1pm. Should have been earlier but Ry's lock to apartment was being redonkulous. Long story short he had to have maintenance drill it out so he can get into his place. I arrived first and then Spencer and Drew. We hopped into Ra's truck and headed towards LA. It was a fun trip up. Spence busted out with his ipod and we played iQuiz and listened to Family Guy. We drove by Santa Monica Pier and it was paaccckkked with sweaty bodies [mos def NOT my cup of tea]. We were cutting it close on time so we ended up grabbing a bite to eat at Panera Bread [yummy] and then driving past Sprinkles [a cupcake joint...said to be amazingly awesome] but there was a really long line so that was a no go as well. From there we went straight to the Hollywood Bowl.

Parking was craaaaazy! We parked about a 15 minute walk away from the Bowl, only cost 5 dollars. But what threw me off was that there were no Pedestrian Crossings anywhere near the parking area. Hahaha. So yes we did many illegal crossings. If I died it would have been the guys fault. Hahaha. We made it safe and in one piece.

While we were waiting around I received a text from my lovely cousin Camille. Prompting me to call her. And I excused myself from the group and made the call. My Ninong Ode passed away. And when I heard the news my heart broke. He was an amazing person. I loved him dearly. After finding out I couldn't find it in myself to have a good time. I just felt empty. But after a while I managed to close up how I was feeling until after the concert. I didn't want the guys to know. But I did tell my friend Ra because he noticed that there was something wrong. I felt better after telling him what happened.

The first opening act, B something Trapper was alright. They reminded me of Simon and Garfunkel with a backbeat. Hah! Then Jenny Lewis [I think that is her name....former member of Rilo Kiley, who I absolutely love] performed. She was pretty cool. But her set was super looooong. I just wanted to see Ray.

Once Ray came on, omg he just amazed me. He is spectacular live. I love his voice, he can sing to me anytime. I was sitting next to some chick who irked the heezy out of me. LOL. She kept flipping her long hair and it kept hitting me. And then she would sing along to every song. And she CANNOT sing. Sheesh. I managed to zone her out after the first couple of songs. Ray LaMontagne is one of my fave artists. MmmHmmm...he rules.

The walk back to Ra's truck was killer on my feet [note to self - never wear new shoes when an outting that involves a lot of walking]. You would think after losing 20 lbs and running on an incline everyday would help you go uphill faster. Buuut NO. Hahaha. Going downhill was a breeze [of course], but uphill was whhhaaackness. Ra was kind of enough to walk my pace, and then Drew walked with me as well. Thank you guys!

The drive home was more mellow. I nodded off a few times and didn't even know I fell asleep for a few minutes. Ra was a speed demon on the freeway. Per Spence he needed to bat mobile it back home. Hahaha. And he did. Made it home in two hours. Got back to Ra's apartment around 12:30a ish.

I didn't sleep right away when I got home. I picked up my bro and we went on a late night food run. My Mom was home too, she called in sick and was wide awake with us. So we ate our fourth meal and talked about Ninong and our other loved ones that passed on.

I didn't sleep until 3a. And my sleep was off and on thanks to Baxter and Bailey.

Right now I am in class on my netbook. We are on our half hour break. And my goodness...I am not absorbing any of the information in this class. I keep nodding off like crazy. Ayyye yaaah.

Back to learning! Well at least try to learn something. Bleh.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hello weekend.

Another work week has come and gone. And now it is time for the weekend. Oh how I've been waiting for you.

After work today I stopped by Seafood City to pick up rice. Annnd I always feel like a giant when I walk into that store. Aye yah.

First week of school was pretty cool. One week down and three to go. That is what I like about National University. The one class a month system so you get done faster, which is a plus. I have about 16 classes to go. That is a year and a half. So [fingers crossed] I will have my BA in Psychology by 2011. It would be nice to be FINALLY done with my undergrad degree. It is taking me forever! I want to go to Grad school. I have found my grad school. Simmons College in Boston. It is one of the few schools that has the Nurse Practitioner program for Non-Nursing degrees. Boston is the DREAM.

Moving on...

On the agenda for Saturday 07/11/2009:
-Give Bailey and Baxter a bath
-Clean the bathroom
-Hit up the mall [need shoes and makeup]
-Take Broski to his friends pad
-Read Chapters 3-5 in History of Modern Psychology
-Type up two page paper on "how do you hope to apply this course to further your educational goals/future career?" [LAME!]

That is pretty much it for Saturday.

Ooooh on Sunday I will be hitting up LA with Radizzle and Spence dawg to see Ray LaMontagne perform at the Hollywood Bowl. I super excited! We are also going to The Getty before the concert. Never been I am stoked. Can't wait! Hang out with good buddies and then see Ray!! WooooOoooooOoooo!

I will post pictures for sure and I will bring my Sony webbie. Gotta document the good times. Lol.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Day off.

Yay for having today off from work but boo to not getting much sleep. My boy Baxter just loves to play around...especially 2am! Aye yah. This boy is going to drive me nuts! But I love him.

I am at home right now and Baxter is sleeping on my feet. Bailey is at Petsmart getting groomed. Summer is here so bye bye fur. Oooh the lady, actually I should say...girl that took Bailey to the back was a biatch. She literally choked and dragged him. And when my Mom asked her to carry him she replied "I'm not carrying him" with attitude. OH HELL NO! I am a nice person, at least I like to think I am. And I believe if you are nice to someone, or any one then they will be nice back. But apparently its not always like that. I am going to be a mean customer and complain about this girl named Laura. Yes her name is Laura she has plugs and she works at the Petsmart in Chula Vista. She is in Grooming. Homegirl is going to feel the wrath of Jesse. HAHAHA! No one treats my Bailey like that. NO ONE!

Okay I'm done venting.

Til next time.