Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A regular blog.

So I made two videos already and its not that bad to make them. But they are two pointless ones. HAHA. Next one I’ll try to make them more interesting and actually have something to talk about. I figure this will help me be more confident in “public” speaking or just being comfortable in a whole new media. I am trying to spruce up my intro and have a decent background and I still need to get proper lighting. I think that once I get into vlogging I am going to like it. I like to talk. So might as well talk to a camera and post it on my blog. Saves my fingers from typing. Hahaha.

No one really knows about my blog. LOL! So that is a plus. I set up my settings for my blog so that when a search is done on blogger mine won’t show up. But its not private.

I’ll advertise my blog when I feel like its decent enough.


Work was so blah today! Redonk. I mean I heart the people I work with, but I really don’t like the job itself. I’m just getting  bored. It is the same thing everyday. I need a change in routine at work I guess. Oh well. I am thankful for my job, don’t get me wrong. I think I just have work ADD. LOL.

Right now I am blogging from class. Gotta love laptops. Presentations are going on and I am on my laptop blogging and surfing the web. Good times.

Like I said in my second video…the one posted today [01.27.2010], I got new glasses! I love my D&G’s. Cost me an arm and a leg [not really…LOL] but worth it. Its girlie…I love it. I love my RayBans but that is for when I go to the gym, or when I wake up and I need glasses to see. Hahaha. And my D&G’s are for work, going out, for places other than home and the gym. So yah that is one highlight right now.

K. Til tomorrow. Peace!

Random. HAHA!

Not so much of a vlog. Just a random video.

Numero Dos! from NiokoOno on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh em gee. I finally did it!

VLOG 01 from NiokoOno on Vimeo.

Change the World – Adopt a Child.

Untitled from NiokoOno on Vimeo.

Here is my video for my PSY 433 class. I know its only pictures but it still took me forever to do. And my laptop kept running low on memory. Ugh. I want a Macbook. I will get one! Can’t wait. Lol.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lazy Sundae.

Mmm an ice cream sundae sounds delish right. LOL. Gotta love being on a strict diet. No sweets whatsoever!

Anyhoo…I changed my picture in my blog header. More recent [taken yesterday]. Hahaha.

I finished my Change the World video for my class. I am going to present it tomorrow to get it over with. I am glad I am done! Wooohooo! Took me over a week to do. My laptop kept “running out of memory”. Ayyye it was a disaster. Anyhoo…it is done and I can now finally relax.

Back to reality tomorrow. Mann oh mann how time just disappears. It is absolutely redonk.

Time to blog in my weighloss blog. LOL.


<3 Me.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Super Saturday!

Well, it was an okay day. LOL. Ran a few errands today, did some shopping and chilled.

Hmmm lets see…went to Otay Lakes mall and hit up Sephora. I purchased Urban Decay black eyeliner and a pocket rocket lipgloss, MUFE lipliner and NARS lipstick [I don’t remember the name, but it is a nude color]. I am absolutely in love with nude lips. And I am into black and purple eyeliner. I have been into makeup lately…crazy! HAHAHA!

Then Walmart to buy necessities and some healthy stuff to eat. Gotta love SUPER WALMART!

Afterwards, went home to eat lunch. Then went off again to Fashion Valley to exchange a birthday gift at Juicy Couture. I got a cute tote! I did pay a 25 dollar difference…but mos def worth it.

Now home chillin’ before hitting up the gym.

K. Later. LOL!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The long weekend is over.

Well…almost over. I have had three long weekends in a row! And now after today I am back to regular work days. Dangnabit! LOL.

This weekend was pretty chill. Got  in a lot of sleep…thank goodness. Annnd got in a lot of workout sessions at the gym. I am on a roll. The best workout machine as of last night…the stair climber. I sweated more on that thing the first ten minutes than working out 30 minutes on the elliptical. It was intense. I love the feeling of sweat after an intense workout.

Hmmm…so I’ve trying to get this blog up and going. Right now it is kinda boring. I mean I don’t really have much to type. I need to get back into photography and pretty much just art in general.

I am planning on taking a photography class, found a school that is near The Rock Church that I will go check out. Annnd I am also going to take a drawing class at the Art Academy of San Diego. I wanna take some painting classes and the drawing class this prereq. So I am looking forward to that. I found all my blank canvas’, brushes, oil paints and art kit full of goodies for drawing and painting. Can’t wait to get back into that. Once this Cog Psych class is over my brain will mellow out. It is my last psych class! Wahoooo! All I have left is a stats class, and the rest are electives.

I have been pretty busy lately with school, work, hula and gym. Then I am going to add drawing classes and a photography class. I love being busy. 2010 is the year to do everything I’ve always wanted to do! Thas whasup.


Friday, January 15, 2010

My Faves!

My two favorite photographers :

David LaChapelle
Annie Leibovitz

They are amazing artists! Love them. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ugh today was not a good day. Work sucked big time. Seriously…easy ass job, good pay but lame ass management. They aren’t lame all the time. Just sometimes. As people they are cool, but them playing out their position…sucks sometimes. Oh well, I do my eight hours and I bounce. I’m not gonna be there forever. If my plans follow through I’ll be in the military by the end of the year. 

Okay…I’m over it now. LOL!.

I was pissed at work, but then I started thinking that it didn’t matter. Hahaha. I just gotta keep going forward and do what I gotta do.

I’m currently in class and I am so sleepy.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A case of the Monday blues.

I know it gets old whenever someone says they hate Mondays. But come on…it is the beginning of new week and it always starts off slow. At least it does  to me. Hah.

I feel like [insert bad word here].

I am currently in class trying to listen to a power point presentation. If I got graded on listening, I would get an F minus, minus. Lol. I made a funny!

Ahhhh! I am going nuts. I am ready to just crash out. I am so sleeeeeeeepy.

I am really, really not learning anything right now. My body is here in class, but my brain has the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign up. LOL!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazy Sunday.

I woke up super late today. ..11:30a!! Half my day was wasted, well not completely wasted. I managed to finally catch up on sleep. Now that is always a good thing.

But I do have a lot to do and of course I haven’t started yet. I did revamp my blog. Now its all pretty. I am not completely satisfied with it, so it will be this way temporarily until I take some new photos. I am in the process of setting up a mini studio in my room. Plus I still want to do video blogs, and that will happen soon. Most likely after my Cognitive Psychology class. It is not a fun class right now…too much busy work that needs to be done in three weeks. Seriously a semester of material in four weeks is not fun! Ugh.

Anyhoo…I guess I should start on my chores. LOL. Then I have mucho homework to do. Yikes.

<3 Jesse

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

25 Years.

Happy Birthday to me! HAHAHA!

I am now 25 years old. No longer on my Mother’s insurance policy, new drivers license with picture on the left side instead of the right, and now I am in my mid-twenties.

Mannn getting older is an adventure. And so far I must say my journey has been interesting. As I am getting older, everything is getting better. I no longer wait for things to happen for me. I now just go out there and do it. Seize the day!! Carpe Diem!! Opportunities are not only given, they must be made as well. Well, in my opinion of course.

I think I will do a little self reflection is this blog post or more like just blab on about whatever. Warning – it is going to be a lengthy one. I am going to be honest in here and just let everything all out. Why not? I mean its my blog right? Plus I am totally not paying any attention in class [LOL]. So here I gooooo…

I am happy with my life so far. I have a loving family and amazing friends. But it hasn’t always been this way…being happy that is. I mean it hasn’t been tragic or anything. There are people out there who are suffering and my problems seem like dust under a carpet compared to others. This is just what I’ve been through.

Junior high and high school was alright. Not the greatest memories, there are few memorable ones and there are some I would like to forget. I do miss my best friends from elementary all the way through high school, one is married and the other has a son.

Once we all left for college of course we all grew apart.

My early college years was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I was sad moving to the Bay Area, but excited to experience a new place, meet new people and just enjoy the college life. I moved into my aunts place and it was a rough two years. We had our ups and downs, a lot of downs though. I love them, and we are all on good terms now, really good terms. But back then it was so hard for me to even enjoy college. I was always sad and depressed. I felt as though they didn’t want me, they were just doing my parents a favor by taking me in. It was hard and it hurt feeling like that. We had good times where I felt like I was part of their family. We are family, but its different when you move into someone else’s home.  But that is all in the past and now we are all good in the hood. I am thankful for what they did for me, and I love them very much.

I left the Bay Area after two years to come home and be with my family. At that point in my life I didn’t know what to do with myself. I left school, I left the friends that I made and I missed the Frisco city life. I ended up taking a few classes at our community college and I was dropping classes and getting C’s. I just did not know what I was doing. I took vacations out of state, I pretty much chilled out for a while. Met someone, he was my first boyfriend and it was cool for 9 months and then I broke up with him. First relationship ever in my life. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was a newb in the whole relationship thing. Hence I haven’t been in one since then. But that’s later on…

I then finally decided to go to Medical Assistant school. While doing that I was working graveyard at a medical billing company oh and I worked at Toys R Us for a bit. It was an exhausting year and half. School during the day, work at night, then extern in the morning…sheesh. I did not sleep . I met awesome people both at school and at work. I am still friends with some of my medical assistant classmates and with a  few of my old coworkers. I finished school as a medical assistant. I also got a new job which I am currently working in now.

Getting into the personal side of dating/relationships, while I was in my first few months at my new job…one of my best buds and I went out on a few dates. Words of wisdom – dating  a friend never works out. We are still friends, but that time of my life are memories I would like to forget. So that is that.

I am patiently waiting for my prince charming to sweep me off my feet. Hahaha. What can I say? I am a hopeless romantic, a true HoRo. I’m not gonna go out hunting for him. God will guide him to me when the time is right. That is what I believe. Plus my Mother said that he will find me, so just be patient. 

Today, right now…I am content. Going through all those stepping stones has lead me to where I am today. And my journey is still going. I am still growing as person, and I am still on the road to self discovery. I am looking forward to what lies ahead. The greatest part is not knowing, tis exciting! LOL!

No more looking back, the past is in the past.

Yah this post was pointless but it has kept me busy during class. LOL!

<3 Jesse

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My parental units got me a Kindle for my birthday!! Its a day early but still…I got an awesome present from the best parents ever! I love them!!


Doesn’t it look awesome?! I already purchased my first book. I bought The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. I’m so excited to start reading! Hahaha. I am also going to subscribe to some magazines, newspapers and blogs! Oooh how I love to read!!


Monday, January 4, 2010

First day of Cog. Psych.

Fun times. Have the same professor from Intro to Personality Theory. So should be interesting. We have a lot of busy work, but we don’t have a midterm or a paper. THANK GOODNESS! But the busy work is really busy work. We have over a thousand key terms to define by the end of this course…which ends the 30th I believe. HAH!  I don’t even have my book!! I ordered it Saturday. I hope I get it sometime this week.

It is going to be busy January.

OH SHNAP! I am really bummed to have class this Saturday! UGH!

Oh well. This Friday is my birthday hangout [actual birthday is this Wednesday]. My loffer Jaimee made a reservation for Friday at Lei Lounge and we got the fire pit! I am really excited. I’ve never done anything like this for my birthday. So its gonna be fun. Gonna get dolled up! I am off Friday so I will be doing a little shopping in the morning for Friday night.

K. I guess I should pay attention to his lecture. LOL.

<3 Maj

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I am going to change my layout and banner. New year, new look.
So expect a change.

Coming soon.

December 19, 2009 - Heali'i's Polynesian Revuew Holdiay Party

My Hula Ohana! from NiokoOno on Vimeo.

New family game!

Russian Roulette [Nerf Gun Style] from NiokoOno on Vimeo.


Negative Nancy
Jealous Jeff
Bitter Betty
Sad Susan
Positive Petunia
Angry Annie
Happy Herman
Mean Mike
Joyful Jane

Hmmm...what else?


<3 Jesse

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The second day of the new year.

Yes blog numero dos. Lol. I am trying to blog everyday this year. Lets see if I can do it. With school, work and hula keeping me busy I am going to try to keep up with my weighloss blog, personal journal and this blog….I have a lot of writing/typing cut out for me. Hahaha!

Yes I do have a weighloss blog, even has weekly pictures so that I can see the difference from each week. It is currently private…but once I reach my goal I will make it public. So far the picture from week one and the picture from week five [this week] you can see a difference. Its pretty awesome. I’m glad I am documenting it all.

I am so bummed winter break is almost over! I don’t want to go back to school but I need to finish. Ugh. Only ten more months to go. Maaannnnn. I cannot wait!

I do have a plan for after graduation and a backup plan. But that is another blog post [which I will write later on].

Mmmm what else should I type right now?

I finally have the time to blog but I am at a loss for words. Lol.


Friday, January 1, 2010


First blog of the new year.


I cannot believe we are now in 2010. Craziness! I am glad 2009 is over. It wasn’t a good year. It was okay. But not what I expected I guess at the beginning of 2009. Well, there is no looking back now. Never regret…just move forward and live!

My Dad told me before he went off to bed that 2010 is my year. And you know what? I believe him. I am going to make it my year. A time for change…good change of course. And just live life to the fullest.

I don’t believe in new years resolutions. They are meant to be broken. I am just going to go with my goals and try to accomplish them. And live each day to its full potential. It is going to be a great year. I can feel it in my bones. Lol.

Goodbye 2009…and hello 2010!

<3 Jesse