Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, Monday!

Today was a very slow day at work, it lagged major!

After work I had my weekly weigh-in/blood pressure check at my doctors office. Good news…I did not gain much weight. I did gain three pounds…but only due to my swollen legs. Also my blood pressure is waaaaay NORMAL! Thank goodness! Finally I have normal bp. No more hypertension. Hollah!

Anyways…while at work I did my research for applying to USD for the Nurse Practitioner program. I already have taken four out of the nine prereqs for the program.

Intro Psych
English Comp
Speech/Public Speaking

Human Anatomy
Human Physiology
Cultural Anthropology

HELLO COMMUNITY COLLEGE!! I think I am still enrolled at Grossmont [I need to check on that].

I am going to take the required courses in the Spring. I’ll be done with my BA this December…and if I recall, Spring semester starts in January.

I am really, really hoping for USD.

And there is Law School…but that is still up in the air. Hahaha.

I am also going to start volunteering. I already filled out an application for Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women. I hope I get into the program. It would be totally rad!

Also…gotta start studying for GRE’s!! Aaaahhhh! I suck at tests. Seriously I do not do well. I need to get on it pronto. LOL.

Hmmm…what else…oh I am currently working on a video/photo montage as a surprise for my Sailor. I hope to get it done by this Friday. Well if he reads my blog it isn’t a surprise anymore. HAHAHA! Oh well. It is going to be awesome. I just started it today. So far…so good. YAY!

I have more to blog but I will save for future posts. I need to lay down. My legs are killing me! Running yesterday was a big NO NO. I have not fully recovered from my car accident. I just feel so BLAH and I miss working out. So I decided to run yesterday and now my legs are swollen. =[

'til next time!

<3 Jesse