Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another day.

Really? Fall has already started and it still feels like Summer outside. It is absolutely redonk! Only in California…it is Summer 24/7.

I guess I should update this thing since I haven’t really posted anything worth reading. Hah.

Right now I am sitting in my Developmental Psych class. I came early to get out of the house. It is too hot in there. At least here I’m not sweating. I am glad the school keeps their classrooms super duper cold.

I actually should be typing my self reflective essay. It is due this Saturday. Annnd on top of that I need to be studying for my Final that is ALSO on Saturday. Eh I’m a slacker. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Lol.

A friend of mine said that it should be like writing a long blog entry. Which makes total sense. It should be easy, right?


How can I write reflective essay on my life if I am not happy with my life? Make sense?

There has been ups but there has been plenty of downs. I don’t want to write a gloomy paper. It would probably be so depressing to the reader [professor] that a rain cloud may form.  I guess you could say I am being EMO. Bud I do have my reasons for being so. Reasons I cannot disclose over a public blog, even though only about four people read it.

Hey on a brighter note…the internet is working here in school. Finally. Well it could have been the last classroom that was having issues.

So besides Developmental Psych being almost over…work has been…well…work.

Nothing too exciting happening over there. Same [insert S-word here] everyday. I want something new to do at work. I am getting so bored. I have work ADD. Hahaha.

Class will start in about thirty minutes. I guess I’ll go ahead and actually do something educationally productive. Pssshhh…shyea right.

Til next time.