Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love and Soulmates.

Valentines Day is just around the corner...a Hallmark holiday at it's finest. Time for chocolates, roses and gifts to express your love to your signiciant other.

BUT you do not need this one day a year to express how you feel to someone. Everyday should feel like Valentine's day when you are with your love.

I am single and I am not sad that I do not have a Valentine. I am all good in the hood. LOL. Maybe next year I will have one. Who knows what lies ahead. That is one of the best parts of life...the unknown and the journey to get there...whatever/wherever it may be.

So why the subject of Love and Soulmates? Well I was thinking it would make a great topic to vlog about since V-day is this Sunday and my first three vlogs were pretty much pointless. Annnd I just wanted to ramble about love and soulmates. Hahaha. But I am at work and on my lunch break...and I mos def cannot record video here at work (gotta love HIPPA). Lol. So blog it is!

Love - to love is to lose yourself in an ocean of pure bliss.

Have I ever been in love? Honestly...I have no idea. My first relationship which was the last relationship I was in, was fun. I guess I loved him but wasn't "in love" with him. Cliche, I know. First boyfriend at 20 years old. It was all so new to me. No regrets though.

My BFF4L and I were text chatting last night and she texted me something that touched my heart. Here is our convo -

Me : Hahahaha! Yes Lily pad he is adorable. Mmhmmm! But in my head homie skillet has a gf and is not available. LOL!

Lily : Why burst the bubble? Daydreaming is healthy..besides you never know. Life is funny never know

Me : Hahahaha! My bubbles always burst. My life story when it comes to guys. Always the best girl buddy never the gf. But you're right doesn't hurt to daydream. LOL.

Lily : You'll see... I used to feel like you...just when you least expect..Bam! lol

Me : Hahaha! Okay Lil I will listen to you. I am patiently waiting for my bam! Hahaha. You are my big sis!! I look up to you!

Lily : Aww jessie

Me : Tis true my dear friend. You've been a great friend to me in the months we have known each other than friends I've had since elementary. You're stuck with me. SORRY! LOL!!

Lily : (1 of 3) Aww I feel the same way about you. I can picture you being one of my bridesmaids one day. You're a great girl, and have a lot to offer. Men now a days (2 of 3) don't know how to value a great woman when they see one. Although I'm positive that this life is taking you on a great path. You just day (3 of 3) you'll look back on all this Jess

The conversation carries on a little bit more after that. Anyhoo...what she said above really touched me. And you know I'm okay with waiting for the right guy to come along. Waiting patiently pays off. So I am waiting patiently...he will come along and I have faith in God that he will lead him to me when the time is right for the both of us.

Soulmates - to be part of a whole heart that beats to a beautiful melody.

I truly believe in soulmates.

Relationships to me is more than just the title of boyfriend and girlfriend. It's being bestfriends, companions, half of a whole heart...being one.

Sounds all mushy gushy but hey I am a hopeless romantic...I admit it. It doesn't hurt to be one. People have told me that none of that exists. They can believe what they want. And I will keep on believing.

To be in love with your soulmate must be a wonderful feeling. And I am excited to feel that one day.

My lunch break is over.

To be continued...

Keep a look out for : Love and Soulmates [part deux]

<3 Jesse

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