Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Class, bleh!

Yes I am in class and I am blogging! while I am typing up my lecture notes. LOL. That is how I roll.

Hmmm…thank goodness the week is almost over. I cannot wait to relax this weekend and catch up on school stuff.

Also I am planning on getting a video camera this weekend. I bought a video camera from my good friend…I wanna say I bought it off of him last year. But my Dad has it now. Hahaha. He loves it. Soooo I wanna get another one. I actually want an HD camera. I currently use a Flip Ultra HD camera to record my vlogs. It is convenient to carry around in my bag…and super cute!

Actually I am debating. I could get a standard definition one. I do not necessarily need an HD one. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions. I am looking into a Canon Vixia HF 20. I know I want a camera with a hard drive and takes an SD card…so dual. I need to do more research before I splurge on a camera. Hahaha.

Ooooh I got my bowling shoes yesterday. I am still waiting for my bowling ball to arrive. So excited! This Friday night we have a family bowling night. Its just gonna be my parental units, broski and I. Its going to be fun!!

Then this coming Tuesday I will bowling with my two BFF’s – Ra and Krod. I am looking forward to it. I miss those nutty guys. LOL!

<3 Jess