Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hospital Visits.

While I was in the hospital amazing people visited me. My family came over and visited me. My best friends came
and visited me. Annnd my boyfriend visited me.

My cousins and auntie Rosalie were the first to visit. They stopped by the hospital
before heading to my Inays house. They came straight from LA. I love those kids.

Second my auntie Alpha and Lewie came. Lew gave me a small teddy bear, who I named Quantico (my trauma nickname).

Junbug came next. Awesome seeing him, great buddy!

Then Ra and Krod came! My besties! I was happy to see those two knuckle heads. Lol. Always fun times with those two. I missed them and was happy they came and visited me.

Lastly, my dearest Joshy visited me around 11pm. Auntie Alpha called his ship so they can inform him of my accident. They never relayed the message. Joshy found out from auntie Alphas text message and voicemail. Josh was kinda concerned about not getting the message so he talked to his chief. And went through some
other people and they gave him permission to leave and visit me. He had to be back by 2am. My Dad picked him from the base and brought him over. It was so great to see him before left. He mos def made my night =]

He sailed away Friday morning and I miss him so much.

<3 Jesse