Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last night with Joshy.

I am sad and he has not even left yet. Right now he is sitting across from me on his laptop and I am on mine blogging away.

He took me to Sunset Cliffs today, but there was no sunset. Haha. It was cloudy all day. But it was still nice to see the ocean and just to be there with him. We took pictures and he took video. Lol. It was really, really nice to be there with him. We talked, goofed around and just held each other =]

I love him so much and I am sad he is leaving me for possibly 10 months. I do understand that he has to serve his country…he is property of the US Navy. Lol. I am just sad to have him leave me for so long.

The first year of our relationship he will be away at sea. This will be a test to our relationship. I will be here when he returns…I made a promise to wait for him.

I am going to miss him so much.

I am hoping 10 months will fly by. I gotta keep busy so that I am not always thinking about him being so far away.

I am going to blog regularly again. I miss writing.

I am going to drop him off at the base. I am not going to cry! I am so not going to cry! What am I saying…I am totally going to cry.