Friday, July 10, 2009

Hello weekend.

Another work week has come and gone. And now it is time for the weekend. Oh how I've been waiting for you.

After work today I stopped by Seafood City to pick up rice. Annnd I always feel like a giant when I walk into that store. Aye yah.

First week of school was pretty cool. One week down and three to go. That is what I like about National University. The one class a month system so you get done faster, which is a plus. I have about 16 classes to go. That is a year and a half. So [fingers crossed] I will have my BA in Psychology by 2011. It would be nice to be FINALLY done with my undergrad degree. It is taking me forever! I want to go to Grad school. I have found my grad school. Simmons College in Boston. It is one of the few schools that has the Nurse Practitioner program for Non-Nursing degrees. Boston is the DREAM.

Moving on...

On the agenda for Saturday 07/11/2009:
-Give Bailey and Baxter a bath
-Clean the bathroom
-Hit up the mall [need shoes and makeup]
-Take Broski to his friends pad
-Read Chapters 3-5 in History of Modern Psychology
-Type up two page paper on "how do you hope to apply this course to further your educational goals/future career?" [LAME!]

That is pretty much it for Saturday.

Ooooh on Sunday I will be hitting up LA with Radizzle and Spence dawg to see Ray LaMontagne perform at the Hollywood Bowl. I super excited! We are also going to The Getty before the concert. Never been I am stoked. Can't wait! Hang out with good buddies and then see Ray!! WooooOoooooOoooo!

I will post pictures for sure and I will bring my Sony webbie. Gotta document the good times. Lol.