Friday, July 24, 2009


Yes I am a Gleek and garsh darn proud of it. LOL.

I have been invited along with a guest to sit in the audience during a Glee production taping for a musical number. I am so excited. I asked my buddy Ra to be my guest. And he accepted. Going to make a fun trip out of it. Glee and then Sprinkles! Heeeccck yaaah!

I am super duper stoked! Wooooooooo! (its the Woo girl in me) LOL!

I need to get some sleep. 9am class tomorrow. Yay me. Bleh. Then hitting up the Coronado public library to get some research done for my paper that is due on Wednesday. Yes I am a procrastinator. But I get my work done so its all good in the neighborhood. Its only a 5 to 7 page paper. I must say I am pretty good at BS'ing. All I need is the research and I am good to go yo. Hahaha.

Next week is going to be stressful week with my paper due, presentations and then FINAL! Ahhhhh!

But Glee is going to make me feel better. Yessss!

Til next time.



Ry said...

I'm so excited about Tuesday! It is going to be a-maze-ing! Thanks so much for inviting me to come along. We'll have to watch the episode and see if we can spot ourselves in the audience, LOL.

Hope you get some good studying done in Coronado today, and good luck with the week ahead!