Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Lately I have been extremely exhausted. It is so weird.


Like yesterday, I was going through my music on my ipod and then all of a sudden I dozed off and dropped it on my desk. I haven’t been this tired since going to school and working graveyard.


Today I kept nodding off while working. I couldn’t wait to get outta there. Sheesh.


So…I got my teeth whitened today, my yellow teeth are no longer yellow! Yay! Plus in the next three days they will be getting whiter. I need to avoid foods and drinks that will stain my teeth…at least for the next three days. Like the doctor said “stay away from foods/beverages that could stain a white tshirt”. Got it! Right now my bottom teeth are a little sensitive. But well worth it. Hahaha.


Okay I hate mapquest! I followed the directions and they were wrong. It said that Qualcomm Way would be on the left…but it was on the RIGHT! WTH?! So I just drove around until I figured out where to go. Hahaha. Dumb mapquest! Hate it!


I can’t wait for this week to be over. Thursday I have another dental appointment, checkup and then cleaning. Then Friday have a study group session going on for Saturdays midterm. Then Saturday morning is *dun dun dun* MIDTERM! Ahhhhh! Garsh I just want Bio Psych to be done with. Its not that I don’t get it. I just don’t like it. Ahahaha. Its the bio part that killz me. I don’t know why I liked bio before…it was even my major at SFstate. Now I just cannot stand it. LOL!


I think I’m going to hit the sheets a little early. I need some major sleepage.