Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mellow Sunday

I am up a little early. Darn doggies and their play fighting. Hahaha. They are driving me bananas.

Well since I am up I thought I'd drop an early blog before I start my day.

After Dad's Sunday breakfast, Broski and I are going to gas up the automobile, hit up Plaza Bonita and return the clear case that I bought for my lovely iPhone. It so whack. Gets super linty on the inside and a biatch to take off. Gonna see if I can get my thirty bucks back. And then go to Best Buy and get a screen protector. I am currently using one of my Broski's. He purchased a pack of three and of course I used up two...and I still have lint between the screen and the screen protector. Anyhoo...gonna get one at Best Buy. I like the one I had on my blackberry. The only thing it is about twenty buckaroos. Eh we shall see.

Then later on today we are gonna to The Rock for the 5pm service with Dad and auntie Junie. They are going to have a guest speaker who was born without limbs. I'm pretty stoked to see him. Annnd I think my buddy Ra is going to go as well.

Then later I am going to attempt cleaning my room and bathroom. With school and work I have been neglecting my chores. Lol. Gotta clean! I also have to get started on my research paper. It's due in a week. Ayyyye I actually have my intro down. Now to start the body of the essay.

Okay breakfast time.

I really love this phone. LOL. Yahhh I'll stop now.


-- Post From My iPhone