Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Todays 5 things I am grateful for :
[in no particular order]

1. My hair dryer. Without it I would have lifeless hair.

2. Cows. No cows means no milk for my cereal.

3. My parental units for listening to my random stories, especially after a long night in class

4. My Dad for letting me use his van because my Altima has no gas.

5. A job because this Friday is pay day and then I can fill up the gas tank. Lol. But seriously I am grateful to have a decent full time job. With it I am able to buy things I need and on occasion stuff I want. And I am able to help out my parents financially.

Todays photo - my desk. It is only the side where the computer is. On the side to the right of the computer is the extended part of the desk. And that's where I have all the contracts I'm working on. Can't take a picture of that stuff. Gotta follow HIPPA. It is not exciting anyway. Just tons of dead trees. Haha. Oooh I have Hello Kitty's face as my desktop wallpaper. And a straw in my coffee thing [don't wanna stain the newly whitened].

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messythrillinglife said...

how did you make that picture so cool looking haha.