Saturday, January 23, 2010

Super Saturday!

Well, it was an okay day. LOL. Ran a few errands today, did some shopping and chilled.

Hmmm lets see…went to Otay Lakes mall and hit up Sephora. I purchased Urban Decay black eyeliner and a pocket rocket lipgloss, MUFE lipliner and NARS lipstick [I don’t remember the name, but it is a nude color]. I am absolutely in love with nude lips. And I am into black and purple eyeliner. I have been into makeup lately…crazy! HAHAHA!

Then Walmart to buy necessities and some healthy stuff to eat. Gotta love SUPER WALMART!

Afterwards, went home to eat lunch. Then went off again to Fashion Valley to exchange a birthday gift at Juicy Couture. I got a cute tote! I did pay a 25 dollar difference…but mos def worth it.

Now home chillin’ before hitting up the gym.

K. Later. LOL!