Monday, January 4, 2010

First day of Cog. Psych.

Fun times. Have the same professor from Intro to Personality Theory. So should be interesting. We have a lot of busy work, but we don’t have a midterm or a paper. THANK GOODNESS! But the busy work is really busy work. We have over a thousand key terms to define by the end of this course…which ends the 30th I believe. HAH!  I don’t even have my book!! I ordered it Saturday. I hope I get it sometime this week.

It is going to be busy January.

OH SHNAP! I am really bummed to have class this Saturday! UGH!

Oh well. This Friday is my birthday hangout [actual birthday is this Wednesday]. My loffer Jaimee made a reservation for Friday at Lei Lounge and we got the fire pit! I am really excited. I’ve never done anything like this for my birthday. So its gonna be fun. Gonna get dolled up! I am off Friday so I will be doing a little shopping in the morning for Friday night.

K. I guess I should pay attention to his lecture. LOL.

<3 Maj