Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A regular blog.

So I made two videos already and its not that bad to make them. But they are two pointless ones. HAHA. Next one I’ll try to make them more interesting and actually have something to talk about. I figure this will help me be more confident in “public” speaking or just being comfortable in a whole new media. I am trying to spruce up my intro and have a decent background and I still need to get proper lighting. I think that once I get into vlogging I am going to like it. I like to talk. So might as well talk to a camera and post it on my blog. Saves my fingers from typing. Hahaha.

No one really knows about my blog. LOL! So that is a plus. I set up my settings for my blog so that when a search is done on blogger mine won’t show up. But its not private.

I’ll advertise my blog when I feel like its decent enough.


Work was so blah today! Redonk. I mean I heart the people I work with, but I really don’t like the job itself. I’m just getting  bored. It is the same thing everyday. I need a change in routine at work I guess. Oh well. I am thankful for my job, don’t get me wrong. I think I just have work ADD. LOL.

Right now I am blogging from class. Gotta love laptops. Presentations are going on and I am on my laptop blogging and surfing the web. Good times.

Like I said in my second video…the one posted today [01.27.2010], I got new glasses! I love my D&G’s. Cost me an arm and a leg [not really…LOL] but worth it. Its girlie…I love it. I love my RayBans but that is for when I go to the gym, or when I wake up and I need glasses to see. Hahaha. And my D&G’s are for work, going out, for places other than home and the gym. So yah that is one highlight right now.

K. Til tomorrow. Peace!